otonaJP & Toys Heart announcing exclusive Virgin Age Admission collaboration!

Some of you who follow us closely might already know but we here at otonaJP have teamed up with Toys Heart, one of Japan’s not only biggest Adult Toy makers but surely also one of the most successful ones.

They have created all time best sellers such as the Seventeen series, the R20 series or the Onatsuyu Lotion. Another of their creations, perhaps the most successful Onahole ever in the West is the Virgin Age Admission series which has sadly been discontinued in early 2022.

After long talks and planning with both the teams here at otonaJP as well as at Toys Heart, have decided to bring back the Virgin Age Admission exclusively to otonaJP with an updated all english box.

To celebrate this awesome event, we even had June Lovejoy, currently one of Japan’s hottest AV Stars doing a little introduction video for us which you can watch below via our twitter account.

The Virgin Age Admission is OUT NOW only at otonajp.com and ready to ship. We ship worldwide and 100% Discreet!

Below we add some more pictures in the Gallery form the arrival of the first boxes at our warehouse as well as from the fun video shoot we had with June Lovejoy.

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