We have cut the Shipping costs – Australia and whole Oceania area now up to 30% less for shipping

Hi everybody,

we got super good news today. Shipping costs internationally but specially from Japan have always been a big big pain in the ass. The Japanese Postal services are charging way more for their internationa packages than it is the case in the US or in Europe for example. The whole situation pretty much escalated when the Corona pandemic started to a point where often shipping did cost more than the product itself.

We here at otonaJP have always been doing our best to keep the costs as low as somehow possible, even often covering the costs partially on our side to avoid any raises. However with the growth we have been making in the past years, we have been able to achieve better rates for shipping overall but specially with courier services such as FedEx or DHL.

Without further ado we like to announce that from now on, we are using FedEx as well as DHL for Express shipments, meaning that we are able to make use of the strengths of both companies and using whichever is more affordable in the market you are living in.

Due to that, we have been able to lower shipping costs for EVERYONE by roughly 10-15% on average and up to 30% to Australia, New Zealand and the whole Oceania area. Below are some examples of the lowered costs based on todays exchanges rates:

2kg to US and Canada

before US$28.40 – NOW US$25.37

5kg to US and Canada

before US$46.10 – NOW US$38.70


2kg to Australia, New Zealand & Oceania area

before US$49.30 – NOW US$31.82

5kg to Australia, New Zealand & Oceania area

before US$77.43 – NOW $54.18


2kg to Europe

before US$29.10 – NOW US$22.78

5kg to Europe

before US$58.10 – NOW US$49.57

These are of course some examples only but as you can see we are continuing to offer you the best rates and shipping services alongside the most flexible options to choose from such as Express, Standard and even Surface shipping.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us right here.

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