Bitcoin payments not available for about 2 weeks

Hi Dear Friends,

Yuka here from otonaJP. We just wanna give you a short update about Bitcoin payments. As our Bitcoin partner Verotel (through Bitpay) has decided to not process Adult related transactions anymore, we have stepped up and now working on our own integration to accept Bitcoin payments which we expect to launch at latest in the second half of July.

In the first place its a bit strange we feel to stop processing Bitcoins as Bitcoins are the perfect way to hide your identity and protect your privacy but since that decision lies with Bitpay, we took some money in our hands and are now developing an own inhouse payment gateway for Bitcoins. Other crypto currencies are also planned for the future so please stay tuned 🙂

At last, we wanna say sorry that Bitcoin will not be available for the next about 2 weeks but we are working hard on this. Stay tuned for updates 🙂


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