Our checkout got some great improvements

Hello everyone,

Yuka here. I have some update for you all in regards to the checkout at otonaJP. We have implanted some long requested features to the checkout process which makes it much easier now to make a purchase, use coupon codes as well as your otonajp wallet balance.

The system now allows you to do this all in one step. While before you had to go through several steps to make a purchase, even when being logged in, you now only need two clicks from Add to Cart to make your purchase. What saves time and brings improvements to the process also comes with a few new features for you. I have listed up all for you below to give you a little overview about it.

The checkout now features:

  • Use coupon codes and otonajp wallet balance all in one step
  • Jump directly to checkout if you like instead of going through your cart
  • The complete checkout is now in one step and on one page
  • the checkout now loads faster and is specially on mobile much easier to use
  • add items directly from your wishlist to your cart within the shopping cart itself

As always we have listened to the feedback we have collected from you over the past months. We look forward to hear what you think about it and any ideas for further improvements are welcome 🙂


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