The A10 Piston is finally here

Rejoice, the wait is finally over,

The successor to the extremely popular – and some might say revolutionary – Vorze A10 Cyclone SA has finally arrived. After a painfully slow year wait since the first anouncment from the manufacturer “Rends” – and many questions asking for updates in the new version’s release – we can now happily say that the “A10 Piston SA Sex Machine” is now availabloe for purcase from

And boy, was it worth the wait!

This machine was designed to give you intense climaxes like nothing else we’ve ever come across – and the best thing about it is, you hardly have to work at all. Just insert your favourite sleeve inside, choose from one of the seven different settings, and let it move and simulate you into an intense orgasm.

The various settings simulate the movements of blowjob, handjob, vaginal and many more. The speed at which it moves is also adjustable, which means you can keep it slow and at a nice steady pace, or turn up full speed and race to the finish line with intensity.

The A10 Piston SA comes complete with a charging cable, masturbation sleeve (different sleeves are available, but sold separately) lubricant, instructions and the main “sex machine”.

The A10 Piston SA Sex Machine is available here:

Happy coming,

The Otonajp team

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