The new otonaJP Design

Hi everyone,

this is Sven from otonaJP. Today we would like to introduce our new website design and slightly updated logo to you all. Some of you may have seen it already since it is online for about a week now and by now, when you are reading this post, you have surely seen it by visiting our website.

Rather than introducing new features which we had tons of on the past, it is more of a slight rebranding design wise of otonaJP and our website. Everything is now easier to access and in general appears wider and easier to use. We have put weeks and months of hard work and thoughts into this and hope that you will like it.

As it is always the case when something gets changed, not everyone perhaps like it. We are as always open for your feedback and hope to hear your thoughts and ideas about the new otonaJP. There is more to come in the future and we would like all of your ideas to be a part of it.

Sven and the whole otonaJP Team

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