EMS Express Shipping to the US resumes on June 1st

After over a year of non EMS Express service to the US from Japan, it was announced that Japan Post will restart to ship to the United States of America from June 1st via EMS Express. Airmail or SAL parcels are still restricted and there is unfortunately no date for this yet.

What sounds like good news also comes with a big bummer as the company also announced that prices to the US with EMS Express will be raised by as much as 800 Yen (~USD 7.50) per Kilo. This price raise is the biggest we have ever seen and it makes EMS in most cases a lot less attractive than it used to be. Looking at a large and heavy package of 20 Kilos for example, the extra fee would be as much as 16000 Yen or about USD 150 on top of the already high fees which from Japan are some of the highest shipping costs in the world.

Specially with the recent DHL price drops we announced, EMS Express becomes a lot less appealing sadly for shipments to the US and DHL is almost always not only the faster and better option but also the cheaper one.

All packages on hold with EMS Express to the US wi be untouched of this increase and will move along from June 1st onwards. Please allow a few days for the tracking on those to update as the back log Japan Post has is huge after over a year.

As always, for any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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