Sexual Squeeze now exclusive at otonaJP!

We have teamed up with our friends at Hot Powers again and we are proud to announce the latest addition to otonaJP exclusive items, the Sexual Squeeze!

The Sexual Squeeze comes with a cool Succubus theme and a great story behind it.

“Born in the Scottish Highlands has this mysterious Succubus been born over 300 Years ago. Her never ending hunger and search for male human has made her restless over the centuries. The never ending hunger is what pushes her forward and her impeccable body will leave you fully satisfied after she is done with you. Are you worthy of her?”

The Sexual Squeeze has been completely made in Japan and comes in at a weight of about 360 Grams or 0.79lbs. The length is 140mm or 5.51in with a single layer structure. We have used Hot Powers popular METEO material on this to make sure the Sexual Squeeze is durable and will live up to the high standards we have set with previous otonaJP exclusive releases such as the Fellamatio Black, Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo Premium Soft or Coco’s Oppai to only name a few.

The Sexual Squeeze is out now and ready to be shipped. It comes in a nice box which also makes for an awesome collectible and of course also includes a complimentary pack of lubricant to get started right away 🙂

Don’t let that Lone Hungry Succubus wait any longer!

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