Exclusive First Print Bonus at otonaJP

We got some great news today. We have teamed uop again with our good friends at Magic Eyes and we are able to offer a great First Print Bonus for their new Gokusai Uterus X Shinen Hard and Gokusai Uterus X Shinen Mochiri Soft.

Every order placed while stock lasts will come with a limited Uterus X themed Clear File which is a great collectors item. You will receive 1 Clear File per Gokusai Uterus X Soft or Hard, which means that you can receive multiple ones if you wish to. To make sure if your order is still eligible for the First Print Bonus you can simply check on the product page when you purchase them as we will remove the info as soon as the First Print has run out.

Shipments have started and they are both in Stock 🙂 You can find them here!


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