New doHna doHna Drop

Hi everyone,

we just wanted to let you know that yesterday we received a new drop of the doHna doHna Onahole Set which includes all 6 Onaholes of the doHna doHna series and also comes with a limited Acryl Stand. Since the demand from our community was so high on this, we were able to secure one more batch from Toys Toys even production already stopped for the limited set.

So while you can, grab your box as this will most likely be the last chance for this. We expect the doHna doHna Onahole series to be available separately from May again but we have unfortunately no solid date for this yet, so please stay tuned for it and follow our twitter and check back here at otonaJP regularly 🙂

doHna doHna Onahole Set THIS WAY


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