Fellamatio BLACK – Our first exclusive Onahole

We here at otonaJP came a long way, we started almost exactly 3 years ago as a little shop, trying to bring you the best adult toys from Japan. Over the years, with your help, we grew and grew and today we wanna talk about something special. Our very first own onahole which we made in collaboration with Hot Powers Japan, one of the most popular makers in Japan and known for their incredible good material.

The Fellamatio BLACK is a blowjob onahole. Black in color, matching the exclusive artwork. Offering a very intense blowjob stimulation and has now started a couple of days ago with an incredible big feedback from you all. Thank you so much for that.

Reviews for it have been very good, both in independent Blogs and on our website by you, our dear customers. This is a big day (week ?^^) for us and we are happy to celebrate this all with you together. We are proud to have such a great customer and fanbase as you all and we will never stop doing our best for you.

Get your Fellamatio BLACK here !

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Love from the otonaJP Team !

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