new payment provider and more cards accepted

Hi everyone,

this is Yuka. We are happy to intorudce to you today our new payment provider Card Billing from the Netherlands. They are a leading company in online payments with years of experience.

Thanks to them, we now also are able to accept Diners Club and Discovery cards which was something many of you have wished for a long time in addition to Visa, Mastercard and JCB.

Accepted native currencies are US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and Euro. If you local currency is different, card Billing will shopw you the amount in your local currency with the latest and daily updated exchange rate.

Also you now can save your credi card for future purchases which is another feature that often have been requested by you guys. Last but not least, the payment screen now supports carios different languages, making sure you can read all the details in your native language. This is a great feature we believe and an additional service from us to make your shopping experience at otonaJP even better.

If yopu got any questions about this, please do not hesitate to drup us an email 🙂

Yuka & the otonaJP Team

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