Get any 3 Items and save 15%!

Hi everyone,

Sven here from otonaJP. We have thought up something new for you to make some great savings here at otonaJP. Our new campaign allows you to bundle any 3 or more items together and Save 15%. As always, you don’t need a code for that and the discount will apply to your cart automatically.

You are completely free to bundle anything together you like. Onaholes, Maintenance Goods, Lubricants or even Snacks. It doesn’t matter what you get, at least as its 3 or more items the 15% Discount is yours.

Have a look at our huge inventory and check out the latest Adult Toys from Japan. We have Stuff much earlier than other retailers and even Stuff that others don’t even bring overseas.

As always if you have any questions let us know please 🙂

your otonaJP Team

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