Triple Cashback at otonaJP

Hi everyone,

Sven here from otonaJP. Starting today, we are offering you Triple Cashback for a limited time. Meaning that the amount of otonajp wallet balance you get is three times as much as usual 🙂

I have prepared a few examples for you below.

The Mouth of Truth Perorin Tight Throat Hard Type get $2.40 wallet balance instead of $0.80

Puni Ana SPDX get $17.89 wallet balance instead of $5.96

Onatsuyu Lotion get $0.58 wallet balance instead of $0.19

You see that even with small purchase you can easily grow a big wallet balance. This can be used to pay towards any order placed at otonajp and even for shipping costs. You can check your balance and any wallet transaction conveniently from your account dashboard.

If you like to have some more infos on our cashback system, otonajp wallet then please CLICK HERE!

This offer is only vailed for a limited time. Don’t miss out on it ^^

Sven & the whole otonaJP Team

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