Super Limited Otokonoko Cosplay Lucky Box in Stock

We know that some of you have eagerly waited for this and they finally arrived. Tama Toys Otokonoko Cosplay Lucky Box 2020 is now in stock but the quantity is very limited, so we really recommend you to hurry up if you wanna grab one as there will be no restocking.

The Savings on this are crazy. Comparing to the list price you save 87% or in numbers, paying $76 instead of roughly $600. Even with our always low prices (had to mention that^^), its still only $76 instead of a usual $430 that you would need to invest to expand your Otokonoko and Cosplay collection. So there is really no reason to wait I guess.

Please note that the Otokonoko Cosplay Lucky Box 2020 is limited to 1 per order to make sure that as many people as possible can benefit from this awesome set.

Check it out RIGHT HERE!


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