The New Puni Ana Kahanshin DX is incredible

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Sven here from otonajp. Today we wanna talk a little about one of our latest new Arrivals here at, the Puni Ana Kahanshin DX. The Puni Ana Series by EXE has been one of the most popular Onahole series for long in Japan and overseas and for many it marked the entry into the world of Onaholes.

With absolute classics like the Puni Ana DX and the Puni Ana DX Hard which are till this very day are some of the best selling items here at otonajp. With the new Kahanshin DX, EXE has truly taken this to the next step or perhaps a complete new level. Instead of just focusing on specific parts of Ana’s body, they have blessed with a complete Ana from the waist down. Her beautiful slender body, legs and thighs are a complete new level of detail and realism, even compare to the already awesome Puni Ana Miracle which released a while back. With fully adjustable legs, gel cushion in her butt cheeks (for a more realistic feeling) and many other nice gimmicks is the Kahanshin DX surely not to be missed if you really wanna go 100% for realism and the ultimate experience.

Just check out on the photo how massive even just a part of her is compare to the Puni Ana 3D we placed into the photo. All pre orders have already been shipped out and while many retailers are already out of stock, otonajp has secured enough stock for you to be able to fulfill any incoming orders as quick as possible. Have a look at her and get some more details and photos right here.


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