otonaJP News Bulletin #2

Hi all, and welcome to our second news bulletin (March 2020),

In these bulletins, we will keep you updated with new product releases, news from the toymakers in Japan, and updates from ourselves regarding our products and services.

There have been a few new and interesting releases in the last month from various themed-lubes, an update on a Ride classic onahole, two oppai masturbators and a range of toys based on a certain mischievous succubus virtual YouTuber. So here’s our round-up:

Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver (Ride Japan)
This is the soft type edition of the popular V.D.D Onahole by Ride Japan.
This large-size male masturbator possesses all the qualities of the original but is made from a softer more supple material offering a gentler and steady-paced yet superb stimulation. Ride are already known for their super soft and cushiony materials but they’ve pushed it even further with the Fuwaguchu V.D.D. – Vagina Deep Diver.

One of the main highlights of this toy is the flat bottom which allows it to be placed on any adequate flats surface so you can simply enjoy the sensations that it provides.

Goku Hida Virgin Octopus (G-Project)
The Goku Hida Virgin Octopus is a medium-sized handheld onahole featuring a stimulating inner tunnel inspired by octopus tentacles.
The outside is soft and stretchy, while the inner tunnel made up of a snug tube veiled in tentacle-like suckers that rub and grip along your member.

It’s definitely an interesting concept, but with G-Projects knowledge and expertise along with their recent track record of creating highly pleasurable toys, we’re sure this one is also going to be a big success.

Oppai Hole: Ibo Type & Hida Type (T-Best)
These oppai (breast) shaped onaholes are perfect for those with a breast-sex fetish. Not only do they provide great stimulation for your member, but the shape and feel also makes them a pleasure to squeeze and fondle as you use them.

The Oppai Hole breast male masturbators come in two versions. The Ibo Type features a nubbed inner tunnel, while the Hida Type has a jagged inner tunnel. Both toys are super fun whether you’re using them to masturbate or just holding them in your hands.

Soapland Nurunuru Massage Parlor Lotion (Tama Toys)
Tama Toys have released a new soapland-themed lubricant. A soapland is a type of massage parlour in Japan where women lather themselves up in soap and then rub various body part up against a man so as to massage him. While prostitution is not legal in Japan, there are no laws against a woman rubbing herself against a man, and if he should happen to climax, then so be it.

The Soapland Nurunuru Massage Parlor Lubricant is inspired by these massage parlours from the more secret side of Japan and recreate the experience by working into a soapy substance that also wors as a lubricant, meaning you can use it with toys as well as solo play or with a partner.

Dokusen Nikukan – Exclusive Touch (Magic Eyes)
Magic Eyes have released their newest premium onahole – the Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch. This large size 550gram male masturbator features a complex tunnel of large nubs, bumps and textures running throughout a snug meandering tube.

With Magic Eyes’ superb materials, you can be sure this dual-layer onahole will be very stimulating. The box art is quite nice with an illustration of a cute young lady wearing the infamous “virgin-killer” sweater that is popular in Japan. The art style is a little change from the norm for Magic Eyes too compared to their other recent products.

Eve Varlaine: Succubus Virtual YouTuber Toy Range (Tama Toys)
If you don’t know, EvE Varlaine is a popular virtual YouTuber in Japan. She is known for her mischievous and lewd behaviour, although she is mostly well-behaved on YouTube due to their policies. She does post lewder connect elsewhere, however.

This EvE range of four items from Tama Toys aims to deliver the fantasy of having sex with this sexy virtual succubus. The four items are:

Minarai Succubus – Virtual YouTuber EvE on ASMR (with DVD)
A dual-layer, stimulating onahole based on EvE.
EvE Varlaine Love Juice Lotion 600ml
An EvE-inspired lubricant.
Insert Air Pillow/Cushion Pillow Cover Virtual YouTuber EvE (Illustration Usu Mare)
An air pillow/cushion cover with illustrations of EvE by artist Usu Mare.
Insert Air Pillow FUTAMATA Cover EvE (Illustration Amano Don)
An air pillow/cushion cover with illustrations of EvE by artist Amano Don.

Lots of new and items exciting items to choose from this month then, and also a few others that aren’t listed as there were simply too many.

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See you in the next bulletin to see what new goodies await,
otonaJP team

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