otonaJP – News Bulletin #1

Hi all, and welcome to our very first news bulletin,

There have been many exciting new releases of adult toys from Japan recently, and it can get difficult to keep track of them, so we’ve decided to introduce this news bulletin to keep you updated with new releases and news from the makers. We also have lots of things planned for the future ourselves so we’ll also use the bulletin to keep you informed about plans and announcements.

We’ll try to put out one of these bulletins out at least once a month and perhaps more if there’s a lot to report.

Here is our first news roundup for recent releases from Japan:

Magakore 7zu7 Watashi no Maru Maru ni Sign wo Kudasai

KMP have been released a few hentai anime and doujinshi inspired toys recently such as the Minami San Sensational series, and the Anti-Chikan Officer Kyouka Double Hole blowjob toy. Their most recent release is the Magakore 7zu7 Watashi no Maru Maru ni Sign wo Kudasai – a hip onahole inspired by the w-sitting (petan) position, which is a popular way of sitting amongst younger women in Asian countries.

It’s based on a popular hentai doujinshi series in Japan called Watashi no Maru Maru ni Sign wo Kudasai – Maru Maru is a sort of slang word in Japanese for vagina, so the title translates to something like “Please sign my vagina!”. This large male masturbator has two penetrable holes and the unique position allows easy access from top positions as well as doggy-style. Just looking at this toy is pleasing, and if it’s even half as good as the Minami San toys, it’s going to be very popular.

Two New Onaholes in PPP’s New New Series

PPP have released two new onaholes as part of their New New Series of handheld male masturbators – making three in total now available. The first and original onahole – New New – has a catgirl theme, while these two new releases – the New New Frill Wave & the New New Puni Lock – have a cute witch theme.

All three of these dual-layer toys come in the form of a mini torso with a combination of a cute flat tummy, round hips and a plump camel toe, making them a pleasure to hold and use. Each toy offers a differing stimulation with varying tunnel designs in each.

Niku Man Delta

The Niku Man Delta is the latest addition to G-Project’s Niku Man range of onaholes based on voluptuous and fun to squeeze “meaty” girls.
This large handheld onahole features a unique three-fold entry design that stimulates you before you have even entered the inner tunnel. And the materials used are very soft and supple, while also remaining firm enough to be durable – giving it a pleasurable feel and masturbation experience

Ene Evolution Prostate Massagers

The Ene Evolution Anal Dildos by Tama Toys is a series of three prostate massagers (unofficially) themed on the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Each toy in the series has a colour combination that represents a different unit from the series, and each toy looks sleek yet bold in design. The high-quality materials with a combination of rubber and strengthened plastic give them a premium feel while their shape is perfect for reaching the male G-spot. These anal toys are perfect for both anal play veterans and beigginers as you are in full control of the action with the special large handle on each toy.

So, that was our first news bulletin from the world of Japanese sex toys. If you enjoyed it, why not sign up to our newsletter to stay updated with future news about new releases, sales and offers, and otonaJP news.

Until next time,
otonaJP team

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