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Hi everyone,

Yuka here from otonaJP. We have a short update on our Rewards Programm. Effective from today our otonaJP Points is becoming the otonaJP Wallet. The rebranding means that you now have an actual money amount in your otonaJP Wallet which was former your points balance. So for example instead of 100 Points, you now have the equivalent in USD, CAD, AUD or Euro.

The amount you own is the exact same in terms of value and what you can buy with it at otonaJP. It really is about making the system easier to use and understand as well as more convenient. You now can always see how much of real money you have in your wallet to use for your shopping at otonajp. The cashback you receive when placing orders at otonaJP is still up to 5%, same when writing reviews and now on every product page you can always see how much cashback (cashback goes directly into your wallet) you earn in the currency of your choice when purchasing the item.

Check out your new otonaJP Wallet by heading over to your account when logged in at otonajp.com and let us know if you have any questions. Also please check out some more info here:
All about your otonaJP Wallet

Yuka and the whole otonaJP Team!

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