Meet our Mascot Coco

Hi everyone,

this is Sven from otonaJP. Today I am very proud to tell you on behalf of the whole Team here at otonaJP that our New Mascot Coco has been born and is now ready to be enjoyed and Loved by you all.

She was drawn by the popular Japanese Anime Artist Maruku, who has also been behind the Artworks of the complete Puni Ana Series. Coco is a full blown Geek and Gamer Girl and loves Anime, Games and everything that has to do with Japanese Pop Culture. Her favorite game though is Tetris, this is what she is also best at.

So from now on, Coco will be around and we hope you will all love her as much as we do. We are all proud to welcome Coco to the Team.

Meet our Mascot Coco here!

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