Design Updates on the Site and new menu categories

For those of you who are following us closely on social media or receving our newsletter you have heard already but for those not we wnted to give you a little details on the changes we made to the site. 

Over the years since otonaJP started back in September 2015 we have changed and evolved a lot. We always listened to your feedback and we constantly tried to improve not only our service to all of you but also our website. The changes we did launcg today are not too big actually but we think they make sense and they are following what many of you requested from us often. Please check a few details below.

The biggest change that the menu is now on top, making it easier to navigate. Our menu before was too long and took aways valueable space from the page. We have now less main categories which is saving valueable space while still making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. While the site also is overall a little wider now than it was before, it looks cleaner and spacier, putting the focus on what is important. We also added a very light background structure to have a nice contract to the page. While those are basicially the biggest changes already we also launched a new version of our logo, without the box. While to box still exist in certain versions of the logo, it certainy makes the header sleeker now and give smore room for the content below.

We are looking very forward what you say about the changes we made to otonaJP and feedback oy any kind is always welcome 🙂


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