a Peek inside Toy’s Heart’s Lucky Bag

Grab Bag, Lucky Bag or whatevery you call it, in fact you never know for sure what you get but the in Japan so called “Fuku Bukuro’s” are super popular over here. There are people waiting in lines for hours to get one of them and they often give you amazing value for a small price, if what you get interests you.

As many of you are curious what could be inside the very popular Toys Heart Lucky Bag, we thought to give you a little peek at it at the picture above. There is lotion, a couple of masturbators and other gimmicks and cause we all know how good Toys Heart stuff is, you can really not go wrong with it if you like surprises.

We actual still have some of them in stock at the time of this writing but they are going to be out soon so you better hurry up ^^ 


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