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Today otonaJP wants to comment here in our Blog about PayPal. As many of you have already heard, we have stopped working together with PayPal. This was a process which sadly was there for a while already. From time to time they contacted us and asked us to remove certain pictures or products, in which case we always followed. We simply did that to offer our customers the PayPal payment solution as long as possible.

Then, all of the sudden and without any prior warning, on Tuesday June 12th, PayPal instantly limited our account which made it unusable. This happened without any prior notification from them and even our account manager David didn’t know. So we asked ourselves, in what kind of company does an account manager not know what is going on with his accounts ? The answer sadly is PayPal.

We then however, quickly started to negotiate with them, trying to find a solution for this messy situation. We were told that the only option we would have is to totally erase pretty much our whole catalogue including pictures, putting otonaJP in fact to an end. Understandably we rejected this and decided to continue without PayPal.

We know that for some Paypal is an attractive payment solution and we did not make this decision lightly, to remove PayPal form otonaJP. But of the other option is to remove pretty much all products and images form the store, then sadly we had no choice. We do not believe in limitation and all items being sold at otonaJP are legal and genuine goods.

We are aiming at offering Japanese Adult Goods to the world in the best possible way and sadly this goal can not be achieved anymore with PayPal. There are plenty of reports of Paypal cracking down on adult related businesses and sooner or later they will disappear completely out of the adult world. In our opinion, not the worst things that could happen.

otonaJP offers you various other payment methods to conveniently and easy pay us from wherever you are located on this planet.

Please also find our initial statement on Paypal here.

your otonaJP Team

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