otonaJP launching FedEx Service to the US & Canada

otonaJP is proud to announce that we launched FedEx International Priority Shipping Service to the United States and Canada. This was an often requested feature as EMS Express can be unreliable at time, as it is handled by local Post such as USPS for example in the United States. With FedEx you can be sure to get your package in the fastest possible way, with detailed tracking and status updates.

See the info below. For any questions please make sure to contact us.

FedEx International Priority

Estimated Shipping time 1 ~ 4 days (Insured with Tracking)
The best and fastest way. Detailed tracking fast delivery as well as detailed status updates on your shipment.
Shipping charges for FedEx shipments are based on Volumetric or Real Weight of your order, whichever is greater.

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