Introducing the otonaJP Gamer Girl Bath Salts

Here at otonaJP, we’re always looking to deliver you unique and special erotic goods, and we work with the biggest and best toymakers in Japan to do exactly that. But, if there’s a demand for a product that these makers hasn’t yet made, then you can be sure that we’re going to use our connections in Japan to try and bring that product to you.

And our latest exclusive erotic item is sure to please many people. Introducing the Gamer Girl Bath Salts (Featuring Coco) – Peach

We worked with a producer to bring you the very best bathwater additives that enhance the relaxing and therapeutic capacities of a hot bath. They also have a pleasant peach fragrance.

The Gamer Girl Bath Salts have a gamer girl bathwater theme for those of you with gamer girl or used bathwater fetishes. And they also feature our very own mascot, Coco since she’s a bit of a gamer girl herself and many of you requested products for her when we first introduced her last month.

We hope you enjoy the salts as much as we do and we’re sure they’ll make your bath times even more relaxing and help you unwind 😉

Here ==> Gamer Girl Bath Salts (Featuring Coco) – Peach

Look out for more products from us (and Coco) in future, and as always, if you have any requests, feel free to contact us.

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